DUZTECH creates solutions for dust suppression and snowmaking. We solve dust problems at mining, demolition, crushing, recycling and many more fields of application. Founded in 2009 and situated in Östersund, northern Sweden, our equipment is used for dust suppression in different kinds of applications all over the world.

Watermist dust suppression equipment

With a deep knowledge in designing, manufacturing and automatising machines for spraying watermist, DUZTECH’s products are technologically advanced and market-leading. We have the ambition to develop and supply the most efficient dust suppression methods for our customers.

Our dust suppression equipment works with pure water, allowing a mist of micro water droplets to catch dust particles circulating in the air and force them to the ground.

By using modern technology, our products clean away dust in the air to improve working mine environments. We ensure we use the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

Dust suppression and snowmaking equipment

DUZTECH invests heavily in the development of energy-efficient dust suppression and snowmaking equipment. During dust suppression or snowmaking, the equipment consumes only water and air and a minimum power supply.

When the lifecycle of our dust suppression and snowmaking equipment is over, 94% of the product can be recycled.

We also deliver dust suppression for demolition, recycling, timber handling, bio-fuel handling, odour suppressions, fire fighting and watering.

Fan-based dust suppression machines

We offer fan-based dust suppression machines in a range of different sizes, including small machines which are suitable for indoor use and bigger machines for outdoor use. Advantages of using our suppression machines include:

  • Silent operation
  • Protected against freezing
  • Two water steps
  • Automatic turning covers an area between 15º and 330º
  • Up to 60º throw
  • Powerful throw
  • Remote control

We also offer custom-made systems 

Duztech products are available through Enviro Handling Solutions 
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